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We are team of talented engineers developing the future of baggage tracking & management infrastructure with AI


What we do?

Efficiency Unleashed: Aerofoyl's Digital Baggage Tracking & Management System

Introducing Aerofoyl's game-changing Digital Baggage Tagging System, revolutionizing baggage operations for airlines and airports. With end-to-end optimization, self-monitoring capabilities, deviation reduction, and increased efficiency, our system is the key to unlocking new revenue streams and slashing costs. Unlock the full potential of your baggage operations with Aerofoyl's Digital Baggage Tagging System.

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing systems, optimizing baggage processes from check-in to delivery.
  • Automated detection and correction of errors, eliminating manual interventions and reducing delays.
  • Ensures precise tagging and tracking, minimizing the risk of mishandled or misplaced luggage.
  • Streamlined operations, lower expenses, and improved resource allocation for substantial cost savings.

Aerofoyl's Digital Baggage Tracking & Management System is the future of baggage handling, offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and profitability for airlines and airports.

Our Mission

Our mission is to push the boundaries of technology and innovation and transform the landscape of baggage operations for airlines and airports through AI & innovative digital solutions.

Our Plan

We aim to simplify and streamline baggage handling, ensuring accurate tracking, timely delivery, and an exceptional passenger experience. We are committed to driving operational excellence, empowering our clients to unlock new revenue streams while delivering tangible value and growth.

Our Vision

Aerofoyl envisions a future where baggage operations in the aviation industry are seamlessly digitized, optimized, and highly efficient.

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Explore Our Unique Features

AI Assisted

Unleash the AI-powered magic that effortlessly perfects baggage handling with precision and finesse!

Fully Automated

Scanning, Tallying and monitoring is completely automated. We will watch it for you.

Live Monitoring & Management

Complete system to monitor and manage baggage flow at airports

Reduce Congestion

Faster baggage check-ins and processing leads to reduced congestion and lighter workloads

Live Tracking

Luggage can be tracked from Check-in to Check-out by the passengers as well as Airlines/Airports

Fully Compatible

Our tags are completely compatible with current BHS system and will work even in the airports that do not have upgraded infrastructure.


What are We Solving.

Limitations of Currnent System

  • Baggage Misplacements, Loss and Delays.
  • Non-reusable nature of paper tags leads to unsustainable archaic solution.
  • Very limited active tracking and monitoring of baggage by current systems.
  • Errors detected only when baggage complaints are raised by passengers.
  • Manual baggage handling Operations


  • Lost and misplaced bags is a potential security loophole.
  • Non availability of real-time tracking can be exploited by dubious actors to conduct illegal activities.

Issues Faced by Airports and Airlines

  • Airport and Airlines spend lots of money on┬ámultiple products to manage the luggage.
  • Tracking is limited to within the terminal building of the departure airport and not for the complete journey.

Financials Consideration

  • To enable real-time tracking on a single airport requires about 200 million to half a billion USD, something not every airport can afford.


  • Airports and airlines report about 3 Billion USD annually in loss due to baggage mismanagement alone. (Ref. IATA)


Check our Team

Abhishek Rai

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Farooq Ahmad Bhat

Chief Technology Officer

Aman Rai

AVP, Finance

Dr. Balraj Gupta

Technology Advisor


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